Blessed Tomorrow is the faith based sector of ecoAmerica. It’s goal is to help raise awareness around climate change by enlisting faith leaders in climate action.

In an effort to raise awareness around climate change and increase faith leader sign ups, website traffic and social media growth, we partnered with the National Cathedral, Convergence, Auburn Seminary, Faith in Public Life and Interfaith Power and Light DC to develop an extraordinary two-day event called: Coming Together in Faith and Climate, following on the heels of the Pope’s call to action on climate change.

  • We brought together Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other national religious leaders in Washington D.C. at the National Cathedral for a multi-day inter-denominational event.
  • We launched an aggressive social media strategy to promote the event, including the production of memes, videos etc. (documented here in this final Storify).
  • A social media tool kit was created and distributed to all faith leaders, which they used to distribute on their own social media platforms).
  • The event was live streamed across the country.
  • We produced a speaker highlights reel, as well as a series of faith leaders videos (of the faith leaders’ talks) which were then distributed to all faith leaders (driving traffic back to our website) and increasing Blessed Tomorrow brand awareness.
  • We also produced a Written Report commemorating the event, which was again emailed to all faith leaders.


  • As a result of this campaign, we had 245 new faith leaders sign up to become members of Blessed Tomorrow.
  • We had an increase in website traffic by 150% for 6 weeks following the events.
  • We increased our social media following by 45% on Twitter.

Coming Together in Faith and Climate Highlights Reel

                                Coming Together in Faith Speaker Video (15 videos were produced)

Coming Together in faith and climate Final Report

Coming Together in Faith and Climate Report






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