Every day hundreds of thousands of press releases are sent out to thousands of reporters and news services around the world. Talk to any reporter and they will tell you, they get as many as 300 in their inbox every morning and they probably don’t read any of them. They just take up space. So, the question becomes, why do companies continue to send them out? If I had to take a guess, I would say it’s to please their CEO.

Sure, they offer SEO benefits and for the right company and the right piece of news, they help spread the word, but because of the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) distributed, the newsworthy are lost amidst the crap.

According to Ashley Brown from Coca Cola (see the video below), you’re better off thinking about a story to help get your news out, something that someone might actually care about – a piece that elicits an emotion or raises an eyebrow, educates, entertains or helps someone. It’s called content marketing – or brand journalism. The days of faxing or emailing hundreds of press releases out to nameless email boxes are over.

Kill the press release!

Cindy Frei


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