Jane Goodall Institute

Our work is our story.

We pride ourselves on creating powerful engaging content (videos etc.) to help you succeed.

In 2007, the Jane Goodall Institute was seeking a way to not only raise donations, but showcase the similarities the chimpanzees shared with humans. 

Vizolution was hired to develop a marketing strategy to help increase donations, drive website traffic and brand awareness. 


Using 1300 hours of never before seen footage of two families of chimpanzees, we created an integrated marketing campaign which included an online video web series, which was featured on the JGI website and social media platforms. The footage was also edited into hundreds of clips and licensed to Getty Imagesand we also closed a deal for a national television series. 

See below for samples of content created:

the Jane Goodall Institute Promo Reel

the Jane Goodall Institute Web Series (Learning)

the Jane Goodall Institute Web Series (Play)