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Lets Talk Climate Social Media Spot (video)  – This social media spot was used to increase webinar registrations for the “Lets Talk Climate” Report.


Leader Spotlight Campaign

In an effort to inspire other leaders to have the courage to step forward and take the steps needed to engage others in climate change, we launched a series called “Leader Spotlights”. Each piece featured an intimate look into the life and work of a national climate leader already making great strides in the climate space.

We then began to tell their stories via video (see Danny Kennedy’s video). These pieces were distributed via our brands’ own social media platform’s, as well as those of our leaders and partners, increasing awareness around the issue of climate change and inspiring other leaders to join our programs.

Leader Spotlight: Lise Van Susteren (blog), Practicing General and Forensic Psychiatrist

Leader Spotlight: Dr. Antonio Flores (blog), President and Chief Executive Officer of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)

Leader Spotlight: Bob Perciasepe (blog), President of the nonprofit Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)

Leader Spotlight: Katharine Hayhoe (blog), Climate Scientist

Leader Spotlight: Danny Kennedy (video),  Co-Founder of Sungevity