Tara Brach Content/Social Media Campaign

Tara Brach, author, and renowned psychologist, had a large national and international following, but had a weak digital presence, with no social media strategy.  She wanted to extend her brand awareness and messaging in preparation for the release of her new book called “True Refuge”.

Vizolution was hired and we created an integrated marketing strategy, which included creating social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter), a Tara Brach blog, producing weekly vodcasts of her talks, and a video web series called “Finding True Refuge” (playing off  the name of her book).

We had the following results:

  • Website traffic increased by 79%.
  • Facebook “Likes” increased by 128% and 193% growth in Twitter followers within the first 8 months.
  • “True Refuge” became a national bestseller.
  • Today, Tara Brach has over 130,000 Likes on Facebook & has over 36,000 followers on Twitter.



Tara Brach Blog

Tara Brach Facebook Page

Tara Brach Twitter Page